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Natural-Skin Drums

   If you have a drum with a natural skin head and rope (or other traditional tensioner) such as a djembe, it requires special care and maintenance. When it needs a new head or rope there is much more to replacement than with synthetic heads. 

   I have been replacing natural heads for djembes since 2005, using only the highest quality goat or calfskin heads, and only polyester-core rope. 

   For tambourines I use only high-quality Stern Tanning calfskin, which uses the strongest part of the hide. I employ specialized clamps to ensure a proper fit and tension.


   Contact me for specific details about repairing your drum, or even just giving it a tune-up. Generally, a full re-heading of a djembe is $200, and takes about a week. 


   A well-tuned drum makes all the difference in your sound. 


Concert Percussion

   My formal education is in concert percussion, and an intimate knowledge of the workings of those instruments comes with the territory. If you or your school needs new timpani heads, or your timpani just don't seem to work well, you'll need someone who knows how to properly dismantle them. 

   Concert snare drums need to be tuned differently than drum set drums, and can be a very frustrating prospect if you haven't put much thought in to it previously. I have knowledge of which type of drum heads suit your needs and how your drums should be tuned to fit your ensemble. 

   Maintenance of your accessory percussion instruments, i.e. crash cymbal handles, bass drums, toms, etc., will also keep your section sounding its best, and lead to the best possible experience for your students.


   Contact me for availability to come in and check your instruments.